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Our Strength in the T1-11 Siding
For starters I want to go over the options in siding in your Portable Buildings and Sheds, then go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages in each.


For starters I want to go over the options in siding then go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages in each.  The choices we offer are a honey color stained t1-11 yellow pine siding, painted LP Smartside, or stained LP Smartside.  There are several portable building manufacturers, however, that are discontinuing the t1-11 siding in favor of a new LP Smartside that they stain to replace the t1-11.  You will hear them say that the stained LP Smartside is a much better product than the yellow pine t1-11 and will try to talk you into how much better it looks than the honey color t1-11.  

But why after all these years why are they trying to move away from the t1-11 in favor of the stained LP? 

Stained LP

While the LP Smartside is an excellent option in siding that will last a lifetime, the stained version is not necessarily better than the stained t1-11.  This is because the stained versions of the LP Smartside do not come with caulked nail holes.  This can create problems down the road due to moisture build up inside.  The LP cannot take on water underneath the top layer of the board or it will start to cause problems that can durastically reduce the lifespan of the siding on your portable shed or garage.  This is an option that is not recommended by our company, however, it is still offered for those who decide on this siding.

Painted LP

The LP Smartside is a great siding and looks beautiful on any building, especially getting the painted option.  The advantage of a painted building with the LP Smartside is in the color.  The paint does not fade in color or chip away in the sun so you can have the same great look on the exterior just like the day you bought it and, as always, retaining the solid structure on the interior.  This is an advantage over the t1-11 siding.  The big advantage the painted LP has over the stained version of the LP is that all the nails are caulked since the paint can cover up any spot so that it will not show through.  This seals off any opening that would allow moisture to get in.

The T1-11 Controversy

Now for the t1-11 yellow pine siding.  The reason that other companies are discontinuing this siding is because they have had problems with shrinking and delaminating and it would cost too much for them to fix the problem.  That is not the case with us.  We put special processes into the care of our t1-11 siding in order to cut out the shrinking and delaminating.  We are able to offer a pressure treated and kiln Dried version of the t1-11 along with two coats of water sealant stain to all those who still love the old rustic look without all of the problems with the shrinking, bubbling siding. Now you can retain the same great quality for years to come.  The only downfall is the color that slowly fades to gray over time, but this downfall is only cosmetic!  

We are able to put in these processes at a higher cost to us, but the same great price for our customers!  We are the only company in the Midwest to offer this kiln Dried siding!  Come in and see the difference!